Baby Richard
BabyRichardDicksonfromSanjayandCraig zps6bbd8690
Name Baby Richard
Gender Male
Gender Male
Age 3-4
Species Human
Relatives Mrs. Dickson (mother)
Sandy (older sister)
Scabs (older brother)
Introduced in "Laugh Quake"
Voiced by Nolan North
Guy Rushiniak
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Baby Richard is the drummer of the group band Tuff Skulls. He made his first appearance in the episode "Laugh Quake". He also has a brother named Scabs and a sister named Sandy, and together they are The Dicksons. Baby Richard has a cruddy voice. He is wanted by the police. In "Doom Baby", Sanjay and Craig had to babysit him.


Baby Richard looks more like a small teenager than a baby. He has a lighter skin tone than his family, shoulder-length black hair that covers his eyes, a black vest and a diaper. Unlike his family, he doesn't have bangs.


  • It is unknown how old is he, but fans assume that he's around 4 years old (since he's called "baby".)
  • In "Diaper Dinks" in a future setting he is married to Megan Sparkles.


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