Belle Pepper
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Name Belle Pepper
Gender Female
Gender Female
Age 15
Species Human
Occupation Waitress at The Frycade
Relatives Penny Pepper (father)
Mrs. Pepper (mother)
Mr. Sparkles (possible stepfather)
Debbie Sparkles (stepmother)
Megan Sparkles (stepsister)
Introduced in Maximum Dennis
Voiced by Nika Futterman
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Belle Pepper is a sweet, smart, hot, teenage girl, and Sanjay Patel’s unrequited crush. Her father, Penny Pepper, owns The Frycade, the boys’ favorite hot wing and video game hangout, where she works as a waitress. Unlike most people, Belle is not afraid of snakes, and freely pets Craig, fueling Sanjay and Craig’s never-ending argument over whom she likes more. Despite she is friendly to him, she doesn't seem to be showing any signs of loving Sanjay (unlike Megan Sparkles who shows her compassion frequently) and only sees him as a friend.


Belle Pepper has a figure of a 15-year-old girl. She has a bouncy and wavy yellow-orange hair with bangs that almost reach to her eyes, and wears a short sleeveless white shirt which reveals her waist underneath a revealing black shirt, a teal shorts and a smelly black boots with a yellow laces. Her head is adorned with a hippie headband.


  • In "Heightmare", when they show her photo on the TV after the ride, her skin is yellow instead of pink.
  • Her name is a pun of the vegetable bell pepper.
  • Sanjay has a huge crush on her.


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