• Sidfurry153

    Without much reason, here are my top 5 favorite episodes of Sanjay and Craig:

    1. Unbarfable

    2. Hot Sauce Boss

    3. Laugh Quake

    4. Traffical Island

    5. The Giving G

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  • Fsaenz0125

    Since Sanjay and Craig had ended, these are my thoughts on the episodes. Lowest ratings is terrible and highest ratings is amazing.

    Season 1:

    Season 2:

    Season 3:

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  • Candy Randy

    Note: I posted this originally on my Tumblr blog the day of the series finale, and while it only mentioned the Sanjay and Craig fans there, it also applies to everyone else here on the wiki! Even if the show is already over, I will still stick around here!

    I love and truly appreciate the fact how Sanjay and Craig ended: with, like, every character that appeared during its run and the adventures of the main characters never end even if we say goodbye! I was kinda amazed how the show went this far from the time that Nick pulling the plug early on its several shows in recent years. (Now that I mentioned it, it was a shame what happened to Robot & Monster, which it left me a decent impression.) Anyway, Sanjay and Craig for the most part was unfairly…

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  • RS273A

    As the title says, If you're reading this, that means that you're on my User Page.

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  • Loana Lalonde

    Sorry everybody :(

    In one month like February, I'm about to leave this wikia because I have been here in 3 years ago like 2013. I feel like I'm done with Remington Tufflips and finding another character like The Guy from Deadly Deposits :(, and Sanjay and Craig was a good show on Nick and I am done watching that show.

    Also I have a another video you might like

    Its called Deadly Deposits and you might like it.

    Sorry about it :(.

    I will miss you :(

    Will leave in februray


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  • Loana Lalonde

    No time no see

    April 23, 2015 by Loana Lalonde

    Hello Im sorry that I wasn't here about a week! so Hello hello!

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  • Candy Randy

    Admin request!

    March 28, 2015 by Candy Randy

    Hi guys! I want to become an admin/buro here, since as of now this wiki has either been abandoned or not edited by all admins/buro for months -- years for many others. Do you think I could make a great admin here? (A related note: I'm currently the admin at The 7D Wiki for three months now.)

    You may comment for a week until I make the request! :)

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  • Lbat1901

    Hello everyone! Welcome to my Blog Post, please come on in!

    So is everyone excited for the new season of Sanjay and Craig? Well I am!

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  • Flippy the French4

    I create a SAC Fanon Wiki. Don't hesitate to see it.

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  • Loana Lalonde

    Hello there

    December 16, 2014 by Loana Lalonde

    Hello! Im so sorry Im late :(

    I have been really busy in real life and DA etc.

    So has it going everybody?

    and we need to make more edits on this wikia...

    so Im back today!

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  • Flippy the French4

    Do you like it ? :)

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  • Tawogwatterson2011

    Butts Up MP4

    September 25, 2014 by Tawogwatterson2011

    Could someone please send me an MP4 of Butts Up? I've been dying to take high quality Screencaps of it!

    I couldn't do it on, because they've been shoving that stupid Kid Cuisine Penguin down my throat! >:(

    And I couldn't do it on iTunes or Amazon, cause I have to pay.

    I really want to take Screencaps of it! Could someone please help me! :( (And make sure it doesn't have the Nick logo)

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  • Loana Lalonde

    Since he was voiced by himself and I really think he needs to get Voice and he might sound different like he was voiced by Jon h bemjamim (the guy who voices Bob from Bob's Burgers and he also voices the coach from Home Movies) or Tom Kenny (the guy who voices Spongebob). If somebody knows who voices Tufflips besides himself

    What actor who voices Tufflips besides himself

    Let me know or send me a message!

    Sorry about the mess up!

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  • Candy Randy

    Nick may have a lot of confidence in Sanjay and Craig, 'cause it's been renewed again for a third season! Expect more half-hour specials and even a holiday episode! [1]

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  • Tawogwatterson2011

    Here's the Official Sanjay & Craig Production Codes:

    • SCJ101a – The Giving G
    • SJC101b – Stinkboy
    • SJC102a – Traffical Island
    • SJC102b – Kung-Fu Catapult
    • SJC103a – Brett Venom MD
    • SJC103b – Laugh Quake
    • SJC104a – Maximum Dennis
    • SJC104b – Dog Wave
    • SJC105a – Wolfie
    • SJC105b – Release the Craigan
    • SJC106a – Fart Baby
    • SJC106b – Road Pizza
    • SJC107a – Heightmare
    • SJC107b – Be Like Tufflips
    • SJC108a – Unbarfable
    • SJC108b – Partybot
    • SJC109a – Mucsle C.O.P.S
    • SJC109b – Cold Hard Cash
    • SJC110a – Laked Nake
    • SJC110b – Doom Baby
    • SJC111a – Family Re-Noodman
    • SJC111b – Game On
    • SJC112a – Blackout
    • SJC112b – Trouble Dare
    • SJC113a – You're in Trouble
    • SJC113b – Booger Johnson
    • SJC114a – Prickerbeast
    • SJC114b – Flip Flopas
    • SJC115a – Old Farts
    • SJC115b – Cup O' Universe
    • SJC116a – Dream Rangers
    • SJC116b – Day of …

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  • Loana Lalonde

    in the wikipeadia of Sanjay and craig.

    I've heard that the second season is coming in 2014 july this summer.

    its just like the second season of space dandy is coming on july 2014!

    I can wait!

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  • Loana Lalonde

    I never notice that they are giving out a new episode of SaC on may 16 this year, at 7 pm.

    man! I hope i want to see that episode!

    if Tufflips was on it! or maybe not :0


    The pages of Megan, Sandy and Hector were unlocked because those pages wore not edit a while ago. and dont mess the pages. because I edit the pages and put the office artwork by the creators from Sanjay and Craig on the pages (that are not fanarts).

    I don't put fanarts on pages. and mess up pages.

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  • Maxfathertime

    Next Friday, There will be a special half-hour episode of sanjay and craig! I thought it would be cool if everyone shares their thougts at the frycade (this wiki's chatroom) during the show. Show if you want, don't if you don't. I just thought it would be cool. 

    The show airs Friday, May 16 at 7:00 PM

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  • Maxfathertime

    More Posts!

    May 3, 2014 by Maxfathertime

    Only 9 pages away from 200! With everyone's help, we can make that by the end of the month! Who's with me?

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  • Candy Randy

    And it will air on a Friday night! It could be a special: The Futon Critic

    (The latest episode is on top of the list.) Candy Randy (wall • contribs)

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  • Loana Lalonde

    Hello! It's me again!

    And I have a question.

    I was thinking that Tufflips is a hillbilly or not, and what does he like?

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  • Loana Lalonde

    I am going to opening more images there are related to Sanjay and Craig and episodes there taken from Sanjay and Craig.

    Because I'm going to upload more images.

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  • Loana Lalonde


    April 20, 2014 by Loana Lalonde

    I'm just saying hi

    So hello?

    Any other people here?

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  • Loana Lalonde

    I feel better already! I since some pages are locked who is going to unlocked them?

    I sadley not a admin :(

    sorry about that :-O

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  • Loana Lalonde

    Just only me editing the wikia :( only me :,-(

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  • Flippy the French4

    Episode Favor

    April 13, 2014 by Flippy the French4

    what is your favorite episode of the show ??

    Me, it's Laked Nake (that also my first episode).

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  • Loana Lalonde


    April 13, 2014 by Loana Lalonde

    I still doing more edits, pictures, and pages that are related to Sanjay and Craig.

    I was a bit bored so I going to be on this site! because I luv Sanjay ans Craig!

    Well I am still the only one here and I am still editing more pages!

    but still No fan pages and not posting fanarts!

    but some of the pages are locked and I need to be a admin on this wikia!

    and I still want somebody to help me with the pages! and get this wikia! better and fixed!

    Love Loana Lalonde~

    P.S Comments are welcome :-)

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  • Loana Lalonde

    Hey everybody! I am asking.

    we need to edit pages, make more pages and make this wiki better.

    as longer if its releted to Sanjay and Craig.

    no fan pages and no fanarts on pages.

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  • Abracadoodle


    March 11, 2014 by Abracadoodle

    This is a blog!

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  • Loana Lalonde

    It's going to be Booger Johnson and Dream Rangers!

    I'm so happy!

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  • Cartoon Lover8902

    Which boy is awesome?

    A. SanJay Patel

    B. Craig

    C. Hector

    D. Remington Tufflips

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  • Maxfathertime

    It seems like nobody is on this wiki anymore. Besides me, there hasn't been a blog post since December 21. Sanjay and craig is supposed to be going for another season, so why is everybody ditching this site? Give me a shout-out if you're one of the few people who hasn't left. 


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  • Maxfathertime

    Well if you haven't noticed, nick hasn't aired any new sanjay and craig episodes. I'm worried that they might've cancelled the show. Or is there a new season? If you come up with anything, leave me a message on my talk page. 

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  • Loana Lalonde

    Ok I was thinking if Remington Tufflips was real or not. because saw that in the Tufflips page and it says that he is actor so I was thinking if he was real or not. so I want to see a picture of him in real life!

    and also He looks like Elvis Presley :P

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  • Loana Lalonde


    October 12, 2013 by Loana Lalonde

    Hello there! my name is Loana! and i love Sanjay and Craig! its a awesome show! lol XD

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  • CalzoneManiac

    Hello there

    September 23, 2013 by CalzoneManiac

    I'll still be editing, just not as much as I used to. Things just aren't the same without JECKZIE around.

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  • Thumbwrumbler82

    New eposode

    July 8, 2013 by Thumbwrumbler82

    theres going to be a new eposode of sanjay and craig! sorry dont know how to spell good.

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    Sanjay and Craig Wiki Drawing Marathon is finally here! The entire Wiki is allowed to participate in this competition.There are no regestration needed just put your drawing in the comment box. Don't worry you can draw what ever you want as long as it is related to the show. Admins and Bureaucrats will be the judge. Whoever does the best drawing will be mentioned in the Main Page, with rewards such as, Promoted to Chat Mod, and Admin.Remember if you are submitting your drawing, please add it in the Comment Section. The drawing can be added any day. Only 1 entry per user.

    Deadline: August 30, 2013

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  • Blastion

    Rules and Punishments

    June 21, 2013 by Blastion

    To illeterate, if you ARE caught violating any of the wiki rules, such as trolling, or spamming, you are subject to a period of ban. Here is a chart showing you what I mean.

    First Offense

    1 day ban
    Second Offense 5 day ban
    Third Offense 1 week ban
    Fourth Offense 1 month ban
    Final Offense infinite  ban

    This wiki is protected by the Dog Pound Security. Thank you. For this chart, if you do something continuously, it will continue to escalate. There are some cases where you will be automatically set at the third or fourth offense for doing something catostrophic. Thank you and have a nice day. I hope you have read all the terms and services. 

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  • Blastion

    Welcome To My Page!

    June 21, 2013 by Blastion

    Ok so you guys know that I'm here for aesthetics and making things look pretty. This blog is to explain to people how you use the things I give you. So watch. 


    Welcome To My Page!

    Write Whatever You want Here.

    ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` When your copying and pasting this, you have to go to SOURCE MODE and copy ALL THE CODE! The end of the code is denoted by ```` and the beginning is denoted by ```` All you do is. EDIT THIS PAGE. GO TO SOURCE MODE. COPY AND PASTE THE PARTS …

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    How to make Emote

    June 16, 2013 by JECZKIE13

    Step 1

    • Search a photo on any websites.

    Step 2

    • View the image in new tab.

    Step 3

    • Copy the url of the image.

    Step 4

    • Paste the url into MediaWiki:Emoticons
      • Do it like this
      • (sanjay and craig)
      •  :)
      •  :(

    Note: Only admins can edit the MediaWiki:Emoticons.

    Step 5

    • Save the emoticons and try it on chat
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    June 13, 2013 by AKOSIJRDR

    I made a new template

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  • Jelaine5

    Jail Break!!!

    June 12, 2013 by Jelaine5

    Jail break is a 2 minutes fan episode by Jelaine5 she said that it is going to be about Craig searching for his great great great great grandfather but when they found out that he was on jail Sanjay and Craig planned a Jail Break!!!

    Sanjay and Craig planned a Jail Break.

    The episode started when Sanjay is looking at Craig's Photo album he saw all of Craig's friends. On the last page he saw Craig's great great great great grandfather Grandpop S.Then Sanjay called Craig and ask if his great great great great grandfather is still alive.Craig look at Sanjay and said he doesn't know.Sanjay was surprised and he said "Let's go find him". So the two went searching for Craig's great great great great grandfather, they went to the Dicksons place and a…

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  • Jelaine5

    Laugh Quake

    June 12, 2013 by Jelaine5

    Sanjay and Craig

    • Sanjay: Woah...are...we...dead?
    • Craig: No, dude. Your terrible laugh got us kicked out of the club.
    • Sanjay: What? My laugh?
    • Craig: Your laugh is a crime against laughter.
    • Sanjay: Your laugh is a crime against crime.
    • Craig: So it's good?
    • Sanjay: NO. It stinks butt!
    • Craig: Well Noodman, Megan, and Remington Tufflips happen to say otherwise.
    • Sanjay: Yeah? Well at least I have THESE! *shows off arms*
    • Craig: *dramatic gasp* THAT'S NOT FUNNY!


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  • TEACUP54

    Some says Regular show is better than Sanjay and Craig and Some says the opposite,But what do you think?

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  • AzokoLoko

    I suggest we shoud disable Badges, because what if people spam to get them?

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  • CalzoneManiac


    June 4, 2013 by CalzoneManiac

    I made a new template.

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  • AzokoLoko

    The Sanjay and Craig wiki is an unofficial wiki for users to edit, but do they?

    I have one critical thing about this wiki, the random locks.

    What if users want to edit stuff, but the locks are really random. Even the galler for Sanjay is empty! And they locked it!

    I want all users (except wikia contributors, because they spam) to edit this wiki, because almost half of the wiki is locked and they're usually short.

    Also, admin plz?

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  • WikiTeen

    Me (weakly voice) : Hey guys, what's up?

    Sanjay : What's wrong? You sound like you got a cold!

    Craig looks downward

    Me (same voice) : Worse..

    I grab a tissue and blow my nose 

    Me : I've got influenza.

    Craig : You mean the flu?

    Sanjay : Exactly!

    Me : I can't do too many edits for a while, but I'm trying.

    Craig : Why?

    Sanjay tilts his head slightly to the left

    Me : Because my mom said I had to babysit!

    Sanjay and Craig (at the same time) : That's terrible!

    Me : I thought I had a cold, just until the last day of school.

    Sanjay shrugs his shoulders in confusion

    Craig does the same                                                                               

    Sanjay : What happened?

    Me : Lots and LOTS of junk food; spicy flavored cheetoes, soda, pizza...

    Sanjay finds a pizza and sl…

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