Chicken Chuck
Name Chicken Chuck
Age mid 20's
Species Human
Introduced in "Maximum Dennis"
Latest appearance "Fowl Work"
Voiced by Nolan North
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Chicken Chuck is a recurring character in Sanjay and Craig, who first appeared in the episode "Maximum Dennis". He was No. 1 on the "Wall of Wings" and then Tyson beat him; eventually, The Real Maximum Denis defeated Tyson. He was later seen running the Floaty Boats ride at the amusement park during the episode "Heightmare" that Sanjay had ridden during previous years. In this episode, he tells Chuck he's too old for Floaty Boats, and Chuck says sadly, "Abandon ship!" and jumps into the ankle-deep pool. Later, when Sanjay is too scared go on the roller coaster Inferno, Sanjay comes back and goes on the Floaty Boats anyway.


His first appearance was in "Maximum Dennis" when he said "That's me!" when Belle Pepper said that the winner of the eat off between "Maximum Dennis" and Tyson would get the top spot on the Wall of Wings. Next, he says "Oh." His next appearance is when he was kicking a short plant in anger. His second appearance was in "Heightmare" when he was in a junior ship talking to Sanjay. Then he says "Abandon ship!" when Sanjay rejected his offer to play ship with him. He also appears in "Release the Craigan" and in episode "Cold Hard Cash", he is seen on a sled.

Chicken Chuck is the focus of the episode "Hot Sauce Boss" when he altered Penny's wing sauce with his tangy sauce and this later soured their friendship. Chuck later founded his own restaurant which started a competition, but Penny eventually grown a liking to Chuck's sauce recipe and the two patched things up.


  • He seems to have a lot of records that are easily beaten.

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