Chido HD
Name Chido
Gender Female
Gender Female
Age 13
Species Human
Occupation Bully
Relatives Unnamed Father
Introduced in Bike-o Psycho
Latest appearance Booyah for Bollywood
Voiced by Pamela Adlon

Chido is a recurring character in Sanjay and Craig's final season. She debuted in "Bike-o Psycho". She's a redhead riffraff. She is also a bully. She made her last major role in "Combo Attack".


Chido has light pink skin, and has three freckles on her chin. She also has red straight hair and wears a light blue sweat jacket. For bottoms, she wears a black skirt and brown sandals, along for accessories, a white helmet and purple shades with pink lens.

In the series

In "Bike-o Psycho," Sanjay and Craig found a cool bike in a bush, and they decided to use it, until it turned out that the bike belonged to Chido. Chido wanted the bike back, but Sanjay and Craig refused to let go of the bike, so they wanted to hold on to it. In "Combo Attack," she became best friends with Megan after performin their own band, but they kept it a secret (It was technically Megan who kept it secret). When Chido decided to show who "Character Select" really was except for Megan, by taking off her helmet, everyone became shocked, and decided to leave. Later that night, Megan went to her shed to apologize about what she did. It is unknown what happened to their friendship, but in "The Snake Pit," they became friends again.





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