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Chill Bill
Name Chill Bill
Gender Male
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Musician (bass player)
Introduced in Chill Bill
Voiced by Michael-Leon Wooley

Chill Bill has had a small appearance in the show. He has only appeared in the episode Chill Bill, where he tried to turn Sanjay Patel and Craig against each other by making Craig "chill". He has a cameo in All Night Bummer Party, chillin' in a block of ice in the Frycade freezer.


Chill Bill considers himself "chill". He is a very talented bass guitar player and tends to stay relaxed. He doesn't get stressed, except when somebody acts too hyper or not calm. He likes to stay underground in a buried convenience store that fell into a sink hole. He enjoys sipping from his drink bag and playing the bass. He can also make a "bass face" when he is especially relaxed.


Chill Bill in a chubby, black man. He wears a black T-shirt with a white stripe around the sleeves and collar. He also wears green shorts and brown sandals. He has a small beard, bald, and wears glasses. He is seen carrying his drink bag and red bass guitar.


Chill Bill was once filling up his drink bag at a convenience store. A sink hole came out of nowhere and the whole store fell in. He has been stuck there ever since. When he lost his temper and nearly killed the dudes, he fell into another sink hole and was buried. Yet he still survived.



  • He looks similar to Cee Lo Green, a famous singer.
  • He has a van with his face on it.

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