Conquistador (character) is a yellow statue with a overgrown beard, in his pasture in a music video viewed by Sanjay and Craig, he is also seen on stage.


Conquistador (episode)


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Here is Conquistador as shown

  • He is freaking creepy to me
  • It is known that he can talk, as seen near the end of the episode Conquistador, saying that it was not easy.
  • He has telekinesis, as shown while Darlene''s mother fights him.
  • It seems like he's haunted because Sanjay and Craig put him in their room and he comes in the kitchen. Sanjay blames Craig thinking that he moved him.
  • Sanjay and craig gave him a nickname "Conqui"
  • He's super creepy to me because while Darline, Sanjay, and Craig are hiding under the table he rollerskates over to the table and says unintelligible things
  • He usually says "I will conquer your heart" due to him being a TALKING COLLECTIBLE!
  • I'm getting uncomfortable writing this.
  • He has a sword, and is easy to chop, probably due to him being old and fragile.
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    Here is Darlene's Mother with her Dog

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