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SC 236 sc134B DINKIntANightBlueLight Lights color
Name D.I.N.K
Gender Female
Gender Female
Age N/A
Species Hologram
Occupation The Patels' car
Relatives None
Introduced in "D.I.N.K"
Voiced by Unknown

D.I.N.K is a robotic character who only appears in the episode "D.I.N.K". It also served as the Patels' self-driving new car.

Physical appearance


Vijay and Darlene decided to get a new car; they then gave their old vehicle away to the Dicksons. They brought D.I.N.K home, which it's advanced and automatically drives. D.I.N.K provided comfort to Vijay and Darlene, but Sanjay and Craig loved their family's old car and wanted it back.

Sanjay and Craig did whatever they could to destroy the car, but after D.I.N.K captured Sanjay and Craig, she exploded due to the self destruct feature. After that, the family got their old car back. In the end, Sanjay and Craig put D.I.N.K's memory chip back to the internet, for which she is happy. At the end she was revealed to be a girl

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