Darlene Patel
Darlene from Sanjay and Craig
Name Darlene Patel
Gender Female
Gender Female
Age 41
Species Human
Occupation ER Doctor
Relatives Vijay Patel (husband)

Sanjay Patel (son)
Craig Slithers (adoptive son)
Darlene's mother
Unnamed grandmother or grandmother-in-law
Ronnie Slithers (distant son)

Introduced in Brett Venom MD
Voiced by Grey DeLisle
HE "It's Fine"
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Darlene is Sanjay's mother, Vijay‘s wife and Craig's adoptive mother . She’s an ER doctor who shares Sanjay’s erratic sense of humor. At the end of each day, Darlene loves regaling Sanjay with all the disgusting details of what she saw at the hospital. Whether Sanjay wants to see a butt transplant, a giant vat of puss, or get a sonogram of a fart, he turns to Darlene and she never lets him down.

List of appearances

Season 1

  1. Brett Venom MD
  2. Laugh Quake
  3. Heightmare
  4. Stinkboy
  5. Wolfie (On a picture)
  6. Partybot
  7. Muscle C.O.P.S.
  8. Cold Hard Cash
  9. Unbarfable
  10. Blackout
  11. Fart Baby
  12. Trouble Dare
  13. Cup O'Universe (Mentioned)
  14. Booger Johnson (On a picture)
  15. Dream Rangers
  16. Prickerbeast
  17. Kerplunk'd
  18. A Tail of Two Slithers

Season 2

  1. Ghost Pool
  2. Shirts Off
  3. Middle Shame (Mentioned)
  4. Butts Up Club
  5. Dolled Up
  6. Alien Craig
  7. Rash Thrash
  8. Conquistador



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  • She’s voiced by Grey DeLisle.
  • Leslie Noodman also appears to be scared of her, which is ironic because she's much younger then him.
  • She was the first character in the series to ever speak and, along with Sanjay, be shown in the whole show.
  • She’s very afraid of the dark ("Blackout").
  • She’s the second Nickelodeon mother to work as a nurse, the first Nickelodeon mother that has a nursing job is Lois Foutley from As Told By Ginger.

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