Farmer Larry
Farmer larry
Name Farmer Larry
Age approx. 40-60
Species Human
Introduced in Dog Wave
Latest appearance And Justice For Durdle
Voiced by Toby Huss

Farmer Larry is a local farmer who harvest blueberries. In his first appearance "Dog Wave", he adopted 100 blueberry-colored dogs to live on his farm, including Barfy, from Sanjay and Craig.


Around dogs, Farmer Larry acts very odd. He hugs the dogs and starts yodeling, and does many other odd stuff. In "Curb Dawgz", Craig pays Farmer Larry so he can do an amazing stunt involving a panther which was planned to be Hector in a panther suit, but turns out to be a real live panther when Hector shows up and says he's late.


Farmer Larry appears to be an average farmer, always wearing a red hat and a blue coat. He also wears glasses and has a grey mustache.


  • "Doodle-doodle-doodle-doodle!"
  • "I'll take care of these here dogs!"


  • Farmer Larry owns a blueberry farm.

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