Huggle Bunny
Name Huggle Bunny
Gender Male
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Rabbit
Occupation Carnival Mascot
Introduced in "Heightmare"
Voiced by Nolan North

The Huggle Bunny is a carnival entertainer. He's unknown of what he looks like. He was first introduced in the episode "Heightmare".


The Huggle Bunny is pretty tall and he's creepy. When a certain piece of music is playing, usually the Huggle Bunny is somewhere in the picture. He is almost always dancing, occasionally with glow sticks). Even though he creeps people out, he can be friendly as shown in "Blackout".



  • His sign says, "Huggle Bunny Gett'n Money."
  • He may be somewhat of a fraud due to Vijay being creeped out by him, a woman covering her child's eyes and people giving him weird looks.
  • He has his own TV show as seen on Vijay and Darlene's TV in "Partybot."
  • It could be a possibility he rips people off.
  • He creeps people out.
  • In the episode "2 Tuff 2 Watch", it is stated by Megan that "Oh, yeah! And Sanjay is Huggle Bunny in the future!" This could possibly foreshadow future events in the show.
  • Proving this statement true, Sanjay puts on the Huggle Bunny costume at the end of "Tufflips' Tales of Terror". This could possibly cause a paradox.
  • Huggle Bunny seems to be anywhere that Sanjay and Craig are, proving he is either following them for something, or is a paradox.
  • The music that is played every time Huggle Bunny is seen is called Bass Invader, which was composed by John Read Fasse and Nicolas Scapa.


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