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Lady Butterscotch
Lady butterscotch.svg
Name Lady Butterscotch
Age N/A
Species Cat
Introduced in Brett Venom MD
Latest appearance Balzalderac!

Lady Butterscotch is Mr. Noodman's evil cat, and the secondary antagonist of the series. There is a baby holder that Noodman carries her in. She made her first appearance in "Brett Venom MD". In "Butts Up Club" it was revealed that her original owner was Darlene Patel until she lost to Noodman in a game called "Butts Up" during a bet for her.

Episode Featured

Season 1

A Tail of Two Slithers

Season 2

Season 3


  • It is possible that Mr. Noodman has a cat for pet to scare his father, because his father is afraid of cats, as seen in "Family Re-Noodman"
  • She appeared in almost every episode with Mr. Noodman.

* It is known that Lady Butterscotch was stolen by Mr Noodman

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