Main Characters

Character Name First Appearance
Sanjay Sanjay Patel Brett Venom M.D.
Nobody can stop Sanjay's excitement and curiosity about the world -- not even himself! He can be clumsy and isn't always equipped for the situation at hand, but he doesn't know the meaning of the words 'uncool' or 'impossible.' This 12-year-old is a definite charmer, which is handy when your best friend is a snake.
Craig Craig Brett Venom MD
Ever since their chance meeting in a pet store, talking snake Craig and Sanjay have been the best of friends. Craig is convinced he's the coolest guy (err, snake) around, and he tends to exaggerate when he gets excited. He's also a master of disguise and can turn into pretty much anything, including a human! But shhh!! Only Sanjay and his closest friends know Craig's secret.
VAV Vijay Patel Brett Venom MD
Sanjay’s dad owns The Close-Out Blow-Out Depot, a wholesale clearance store that sells everything from bargain appliances to bizarre gadgets that he makes himself. Although no one ever buys Vijay’s inventions, he never gets down. Sanjay and Vijay have a great father-son bond. They share the same interests, they have similar personalities, and they’re both big dreamers.
Fg Darlene Patel Brett Venom MD
Sanjay’s mother is the ultimate cool mom. She’s an ER nurse who shares Sanjay’s sick sense of humor. At the end of each day, Darlene loves regaling Sanjay with all the disgusting details of what she saw at the hospital. Whether Sanjay wants to see a butt transplant, a giant vat of pus, or get a sonogram of a fart, he turns to Darlene and she never lets him down.
Hector Hector Flanagan Heightmare
Hector is the friend Sanjay and Craig are always happy to see... at least until he gets annoying. He's a fun-loving goofball and a bit dopey, but extremely brawny and loyal. He believes his eyepatch makes his other senses "superhero" sharp, and always has a quirky new nickname for the group, like "CraigForce 4."
Character large belle pepper Belle Pepper Maximum Dennis
Belle is a sweet, smart, cool older girl and Sanjay’s unrequited crush. Her dad, Penny Pepper, owns the Frycade, the boys’ favorite hot wing and videogame hangout, where she works as a waitress. Unlike most girls, Belle is not afraid of snakes and freely pets Craig, fueling Sanjay and Craig’s never-ending argument over whom she likes more.
Megan Megan Sparkles Laugh Quake
Meet Megan Sparkles (a.k.a. Little Miss Lactose Intolerant, Little Miss Adopt-A-Highway, Little Miss Mixed Martial Arts, etc). She's the smart, enthusiastic, and adorable pageant winner who can get carried away at times, but loves helping (and annoying) Sanjay and Craig. Maybe her pageant skills can even help her win Sanjay's heart!

Recurring Characters

Character Name First Appearance
Character large remington Remington Tufflips Laugh Quake
Remington Tufflips may be a washed up action movie star from the '80s but he's the number one awesome-est guy EVER, according to Sanjay and Craig. Tufflips plays it cool all the time and is the ultimate inspiration for these two best friends, even if he can never remember their names.
Character large noodman332x363 Leslie Noodman Brett Venom MD
Leslie Noodman is Sanjay and Craig’s annoying, busybody next-door neighbor. Noodman has a pathological fear of snakes, making Craig his worst nightmare and mortal enemy. A lifelong bachelor, Noodman is unnaturally devoted to his cat, Lady Butterscotch, and is bizarrely obsessed with his favorite food, blueberries. His proximity to Sanjay and Craig’s house often makes him the inadvertent victim of the dudes’ backyard shenanigans, and he’ll take any chance he can get to go after Craig with his trusty snake-smashing shovel.
Character large the dicksons The Dicksons Laugh Quake
Grubby siblings Sandy, Scabs, and Baby Richard (Nolan North) are Sanjay’s neighbors and punk rock gods. Outside of Remington Tufflips, they’re the coolest people in Sanjay’s world. Sandy’s the lead singer of their band, the Tuff Skulls. She rides a motorcycle with a sidecar for monosyllabic fraternal twin Scabs, which has an additional sidecar for Baby Richard. Although Sandy and Scabs look like bullies, they’re mostly indifferent to Sanjay and Craig’s adoration and would never intentionally harm them. That's not so with Baby Richard. This diaper-wearing dirtbag is an unpredictable anarchist whose warped brain has earned him the nickname, The Doom Baby.
Lady Butterscotch Lady Butterscotch Brett Venom MD
Lady Butterscotch is Leslie Noodman's cat.
Tyson Tyson Maximum Dennis
Tyson is a rude and sarcastic young man. So far he only appeared in Maximum Dennis, and he speaks in a English accent a little bit. He carries a scooter in his pants. He has beaten Sanjay in Tufflips and The Eat Off with the Valcanic Wings, so Sanjay and Craig disguised themselves as Maximum Dennis to beat him in a rematch of Tufflips and the Eat Off. (this time with Sudden Death Wings) Craig jeered at Tyson as he left.

Minor Characters

Nurse Rhonda Brett Venom MD
Rhonda is an ER Nurse. She made her first appearance in the episode Brett Venom MD. She is sometimes cranky. She also plays the saxophone in the "Party Doctors" sequence.
Lance Lance Brett Venom MD
Lance is a boil who first appeared in the episode Brett Venom MD. Sanjay and Craig found Lance with a guy, and craig said to that guy, "You are Special."
Dogwave89 Sweepstakes Spokesman Dog Wave
Sweepstakes Spokesman is a character that gives Sanjay the "Win a Dog" prize.

Barfy small

Barfy Dog Wave
Barfy is the name Sanjay gave the purple dog. He is now owned by Farmer Larry. He usually barfs up stuff, like clocks. He appears in the episode Dog Wave, where he is the one dog Sanjay really wants.
Charls Charls Laugh Quake
Charls is a character in the series Sanjay and Craig. He first appeared in the episode "Laugh Quake."
Chug Chicken Chuck Maximum Dennis
Chicken Chuck is a character in Sanjay and Craig. He first appeared in the episode Maximum Dennis. He was #1 on the wall of wings, but Tyson beat him. (M.D. then defeated Tyson.) Next, he appeared in the episode Heightmare he was riding Floaty Boatys.

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