Mrs. Dickson
Name Mrs. Dickson
Gender Female
Gender Female
Age 49
Species Human
Occupation Unknown
Relatives *Sandy (daughter)
Introduced in "Stinkboy"
Latest appearance "Booyah for Bollywood"
Voiced by Grey DeLisle
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Mrs. Dickson is the mother of Sandy, Scabs, and Baby Richard. She made her first appearance in "Stinkboy".


Brenda Dickson is a stout woman with shoulder-length messy black hair with long bangs that cover her eyes, peach-colored skin and hairy moles on her face and neck. She also has visible hair on her arms. She wears an orange, sleeveless dress with green flowers on it and is always seen barefoot. She wears light yellow boxer-like underpants with red hearts on them as seen in "Trouble Dare".


  • She never talks, although she can be heard growling in "Trouble Dare".
    • However, in "Enter Sandman" she’s talking with a high-pitched voice.
  • She’s very strong, as seen in "Trouble Dare" where she broke a slide with her head.

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