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Mrs. Flanagan
Name Mrs. Flanagan
Gender Female
Gender Female
Age 36
Species human
Relatives *Hector Flanagan (son)
Introduced in "Unbarfable"
Latest appearance "Halloweenies"
Voiced by Linda Cardellini (Seasons 1-2)
Grey DeLisle (Season 3)
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Mrs. Flanagan is Hector's mother. She loves Hector's pet dog, Sweet Cheeks. She’s described as "niiiccccee!" by Sanjay.


Mrs. Flanagan has fair skin, curly blonde hair and wears a purple headband. She also has red lipstick. She also wears a purple tank top and black leggings with matching shoes. She‘s skinny and has a large behind. Her nose is similar to Sanjay's.


Mrs. Flanagan is a nice, loving and kind mother as she cares for her son and kissed Sweet Cheeks. In "Prickerbeast," she hangs out with Sanjay's parents and Megan's parents. In "Halloweenies," when Mr. Flanagan prepares to set a trap for the kids so they won't eat lots of candy, she tells him that they are still their kids, and Mr. Flanagan replies "Oh, right."


  • It's unknown if she's Hector's Grandmother's daughter, but if she is she would be fully or half Hispanic.
  • If she’s fully or half Hispanic & her husband is American (one of them is American & the other, Hispanic), their son Hector would be ½ Hispanic & American or ¼ Hispanic & ¾ American.
  • By the way Sanjay described her, it's shown that he has a crush on her.
  • In "Freaks and Cheeks," it's revealed that Mrs. Flanagan wears skinny jeans as Craig wanted to try them on.


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