Name Munchie
Gender Male
Gender Male
Age 70's
Species Human
Occupation Candy seller
Introduced in Flip Flopas
Voiced by Sam Lavagnino
Munchie is a minor character in Sanjay and Craig. He appears in the episode Flip Flopas. He owns a candy store that sells weird candies and was in a book club with Hector's Grandma. When the kids eat the Flip Flopas, Munchie has them eat candy to win the antidote. Hector beats Munchie, though, and all four children get the antidote. Munchie has a crush on Hector's Grandma.


Munchie is a plus-size elderly man, who for some reason has the voice of a little boy. He has short gray hair, a bushy mustache, and a small beard. He wears a white shirt and pants with a big black belt and black shoes. He also wears a blue apron filled with colorful candy. For accessories, he wears candy bracelets and necklaces.


Munchie is a playful yet tricky man. He has a little kid's voice. He owns a candy store that has all sorts of crazy candies. When somebody eats a Flip Flopa, he likes to make them do challenges to earn the antidote.


Munchie and Hector's Grandmother have had a long-time rivalry. When the kids ate the Flip Flopas, he took them to the sewers and made them go through grueling challenges. Hector only won the challenge and won only one antidote. Munchie then made Hector do another challenge. He feeds Hector a poisoness tamale and he nearly vomits. He still wins the challenge and wins 4 antidotes, then barfs all over Munchie.


  • It is unknown why he has a little kid's voice. All we know is that he himself is voiced by a child, Sam Lavagnino.
  • His actor Sam Lavagnino is also known for voicing Catbug on Cartoon Hangover’s "Bravest Warriors" and Baby Grizz on Cartoon Network’s "We Bare Bears".
    • He is also known for voicing Mr. Muffin from TomSka's "asdfmovie" series. And he uses a similar voice.

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