Season 1, episode 10
Production code: SJC108b
Airdate: June 29, 2013
Director: Tom Yasumi
Written &
storyboarded by:
Neil Graf, Blake Lemons, & Joe Stillman
"Traffical Island"
"The Giving G"
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  "Partybot" is the tenth episode in the first season of Sanjay and Craig. It is the tenth episode overall.


The guys become party boys when they hang out with an old robot invented by Vijay, but chaos takes over when the partybot loses control and goes crazy!


When Sanjay and Craig are at their dad's store, the Dicksons come in and they ask about Vijay, who Sanjay pretends that he is a "strange old man he's never met before",as Sanjay did not want the Dicksons to acknowledge Vijay as his dad.. When they are in the back, they find a partybot who Vijay invented years ago. Then they take the partybot to the Dickson's party and at first things go well, until Partybot starts acting out of control. Then when Vijay comes to the party and starts dancing and partybot is running out of power, but then when Vijay breaks his back, Sanjay decides to get pantsed, just like Vijay did years ago. When Craig pulls his pants down, he gets laughed at, but when partybot tries to take his pants off, although he doesnt wear pants. Then he falls in their pool. Afterwards, Sanjay and Craig are found outside their dad's store dancing while wearing pieces of clothing their dad wore while at the party.





  • It is revealed that Sanjay wears Tufflips Underwear.
  • The original premise had Craig trapped inside Partybot for the entire episode.
  • All of the Dickson’s party music was composted and preformed by Tim Presley (Darker My Love, White Fence, The Fall and a million other bands).


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