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"Rash Thrash"
Season 2, episode 23
Rash Thrash
Production code: 212a
Airdate: April 5,2015
Written &
storyboarded by:
Aminder Dhaliwal, Blake Lemons, Bryan Mann, & Sheela Shrinivas
"Fowl Work"
"Wild Buds"

"Rash Thrash" is a second season episode of Sanjay and Craig premiered on April 5, 2015.[1]


The segment opens with Sanjay and Craig arriving at The Frycade. Suddenly, Sanjay starts to develop a severe rash around his neck and becomes fascinated by it. He asks Craig to feel it, and Craig does so, but this time around, the rash begins to multiply throughout his body, making Sanjay faint. Later, Sanjay regains consciousness at the hospital with his mother Darlene and Craig, Hector, and Megan by his side. Sanjay's rash subsides back to his neck and Craig then approaches him, making the rash multiply again, but later again subsides as Craig walks back from Sanjay's bed. Darlene suspects that Sanjay's rash is a result of a allergic reaction to Craig and they must not hang around with each other for a week while she finds a treatment.

While Sanjay is devastated over the news that he won't see Craig for a week, he spends time with Megan after he left the hospital; Craig gets to hang out with Hector. Sanjay wants to be with Craig as soon as possible, so he and Megan searched numerous books looking for a cure for the rash. With no luck, Sanjay laments that he won't see Craig again and he then have him come over to tell him the news. Sanjay then eats some of The Frycade's wings Megan had offered him and, suddenly, the rash disappears! It appears that the sauce used in the wings are the cure, and back at The Frycade Craig helps Sanjay doused himself with wing sauce to help keep the rash away.


Sanjay develops an allergy to Craig.






  • 2 Times the bladder soundtrack from The Sims 3 can be heard
  • "Money Chees's" is an Obvious parody of of the famous Pizzeria "Chuck E. Chees's"


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