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Name Rhonda
Gender Female
Gender Female
Age 50s or 60s
Species Human
Occupation ER Nurse
Introduced in "Brett Venom MD"
Latest appearance "A Tail of Two Slithers"
Voiced by Grey DeLisle
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Rhonda is a nurse who works at the same hospital Sanjay's mom does. She made her first appearance in the episode "Brett Venom MD". She also plays the saxophone in "Brett Venom MD". She is sometimes portrayed as being cranky, though sometimes she shows her nice side.


In "Brett Venom MD," Sanjay and Craig came to the hospital to see the butt surgery, Sanjay pretends that he has been bitten by a "radioactive snake". Rhonda didn't buy it, so she told them to go sit in the waiting room. Later on, when Sanjay and Craig are sneaking off to see the "butt surgery," it fails when they fall through the solid celing. At that moment, Craig pops out of Sanjay's shirt, which causes Rhonda to scream and take them to an operating room. And then Sanjay and Craig find disguises so the other doctors won't catch them inside. Then when Rhonda comes back, she asks the two boys if they are doctors. Then the two boys perform a musical segment where they are "party doctors." After the musical segment is done, she slowly says "Okay..." She reappears again in "A Tail of Two Slithers."


  • Her personality is similar to Dr. Feinstein from The Loud House.
  • Her voice sounds similar to Scoots from The Loud House. This is most likely because they both share the same voice actor.


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