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Ronald (Ronnie) Slithers
Ronnie From Sanjay and Craig.png
Name Ronald (Ronnie) Slithers
Gender Male
Gender Male
Age 20
Species Snake
Occupation Owner of International Shovel
Relatives Craig Slithers (brother)
Sanjay Patel (distant brother)
Darlene Patel (distant mother)
Vijay Patel (distant father)
Introduced in "A Tail of Two Slithers"
Latest appearance "Booyah for Bollywood"
Voiced by Nolan North

Ronnie Slithers is Craig's long lost brother who appears in the episode "A Tail of Two Slithers". He is extremely rich, as he is the owner of a company called International Shovel which produces snake-killing shovels. He explains to Craig, " Nobody really likes snakes." He uses the money he makes to find Craig through his microchip. Once he finds Craig, he takes him away and brainwashes him to not be with Sanjay and uses him to make his snake-killing shovels. Ronnie often mispronounces Sanjay's name, calling him "Sandabs" and "Sanjabs". In the end, Ronnie reveals that he doesn't enjoy his life being a "man" and he decides to make a fresh start by going back to the pet store. He eventually reforms permanently as a result of a family enlightenment caused by Vijay.


Ronnie is extremely manipulative and cruel. He seems to know how to use any advantage he can use, and uses all the information he has (when he used the very small fact that Craig hates telemarketers, for example). He also seems very determined, as he spent a fortune to find Craig, though this might have been a lie.

He also may have mental illness, which was noticed by Craig and Sanjay as calling him "crazy" and "insane." He may have gained it at the moment that Craig was adopted, which is how most people get the sickness (traumatizing childhood experiences).

His personality darkens in his next and final appearance only to change for the better thanks to his brother receiving a family enlightenment.



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