Rutherford Diamondback
Rutherford Diamondback
Name Rutherford Diamondback
Species Human (as a disguise)
Introduced in "Dog Wave"
Latest appearance "The Giving G"
Voiced by Chris Hardwick

Rutherford Diamondback is a disguise worn by Craig in the episode "Dog Wave". He claims to be a "simple, small-town lawyer." Sanjay is his associate since he says, "Then you leave my associate no choice." Then Sanjay opens a jar of Mr. Noodman's jam.

The disguise also appears in the episode "The Giving G", when Sanjay and Craig are trying to get their inflatable gorilla back from the Dicksons, this is one of many options they try to trick them into returning it.


Well, hello, good sir, I'm Rutherford Diamondback, just a simple small-town lawyer. And I must request to see my clients that you currently have detained here, in your back room.

—Dog Wave


Then you leave my associate no choice.

—Dog Wave


He appears to have a brownish mustache and hair, a white top hat, glasses, a red tie, and a white shirt.

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