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Sam Lastnamè
Sam From Sanjay and Craig.png
Gender Female
Gender Female
Age 11-13
Species Human
Relatives Mr. Lastnamè (father)
Mrs. Lastnamè (mother)
Introduced in "Butts Up Club"
Latest appearance "Booyah for Bollywood"
Voiced by Tania Gunadi

Sam Lastnamè is a member of the Butts Up Club, and Sanjay and Craig's newest friend.


In the episode "Butts Up," Sanjay and his friends were playing the game "Butts Up" Sam approaches and takes their ball. Sanjay and Craig then chases her down until they notice she only stole the ball to get back in the club but the Butts Up Master denies to let her in so Sanjay must defeat Mr. Noodman for her to get back in. Once Sanjay tries to defeat Mr. Noodman, Darlene comes up to save the boys and Sam, and when the inflatable balloon deflates, the four escape.


Season 2

Season 3


  • Her appearance looks similar to Sanjay Patel.
  • She is best friends with Glen, who is known to be 12 years old, just like Sanjay.


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