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Sanjay and Craig, Season 1
Series: Sanjay and Craig
Original run: May 25 2013 – July 12, 2014
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  Forest City Rockers and Nickelodeon Animation Studio
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The first season of Sanjay and Craig premiered on Saturday, May 25, 2013 with the episode, "Brett Venom MD" and "Laugh Quake".

Cast and crew

Promotional image. Clockwise from top: Craig and Sanjay, Megan, Hector, The Dickinsons, Mr. Noodman, and Remington Tufflips.

Main Cast

Additional Cast

Character debuts

This season introduced a large amount of characters which would be re-used as recurring characters in later seasons.


Season overview

Number of episodes Season premiere Season finale DVD releases
20 (39 segments) May 25, 2013 July 12, 2014 Nickelodeon Heroes in Action! (July 8, 2014; Region 1)[1]
Nickelodeon Robot Invasion (July 8, 2014; Region 1)[2]
The Complete First Season (July 17, 2015; all regions)[3]


# Title card Title Airdate Prod. no.
1a Brett Venom MD.png Brett Venom MD May 25, 2013 SJC103a
Sanjay and Craig, upon hearing that their mother is about to help in a "butt transplant", try to sneak into the hospital to view it. They disguise themselves as doctors and discover that the patient is their neighbor, Mr. Noodman, who is terrified of Craig and causes panic throughout the hospital before Sanjay's mother successfully completes the surgery.
1b LQ.png Laugh Quake May 25, 2013 SJC103b
Sanjay and Craig both find their laughs are annoying, so they go to a comedy club in an attempt to find a more pleasing laugh. After they are thrown out, a bird defecates on them both, causing them to start a chain reaction of laughter throughout the whole town.
2a Maximumdennistitle.PNG Maximum Dennis June 1, 2013 SJC104a
The boys disguise themselves at the Frycade, where they intend to defend their video-game records. But Craig takes it to far.
2b DogWaveTitle.PNG Dog Wave June 1, 2013 SJC104b
The boys want a dog, but they somehow wind up with 100 dogs. But when Mr. Noodman calls the pound it is up to them to rescue them.
3a Heightmare1.PNG Heightmare June 8, 2013 SJC107a
Sanjay is finally tall enough to ride the, what he believes to be, scariest ride at the carnival, but he may not be able to go through with it...
3b Be Like Tufflips.jpg Be Like Tufflips June 8,2013 SJC107b
Sanjay is mistaken for his hero when he dresses up as Remington Tufflips, but Sanjay gets all of his advantages of being him.
4a Stinkboy1.PNG Stinkboy June 22, 2013 SJC101b
Sanjay runs away to live in the sewer when Craig can't handle his stench.
4b WolfieCard3.jpg Wolfie June 22, 2013 SJC105a
Hector's sudden fascination with wolves gets on Sanjay and Craig's nerves, but when they send him to the forest they worry a real wolf can eat him.
5a Traffical.PNG Traffical Island June 29, 2013 SJC102a
Sanjay strands his pals on a highway median, and everyone gets upset during the expierience.
5b Partybot.PNG Partybot June 29, 2013 SJC108b
The guys become party boys when they hang out with an old robot invented by Vijay, but chaos ensues when the Partybot goes insane.
The Giving G July 13, 2013 SJC101a
A discovery at the junkyard causes trouble in the neighborhood.
Release the Craigan July 13, 2013 SJC105b
Craig steals Megan's identity and becomes a pageant queen.
Muscle C.O.P.S. September 14, 2013 SJC109a
Sanjay and Craig suddenly gain large muscles and join the Muscle C.O.P.S. police force.
Cold Hard Cash.jpg
Cold Hard Cash September 14, 2013 SJC109b
During a snowstorm Sanjay and Craig find a $100 bill, and Baby Richard Dickson wants to have it.
Unbarfable September 21, 2013 SJC108a
Hector in has never vomited in his life, so Sanjay and Craig try to make him do it.
Game On September 21, 2013 SJC111b
Tufflips Thumbs-Up Karate, Sanjay and Craig's favorite game, has gone missing!
Laked Nake.jpg
Laked Nake October 5, 2013 SJC110a
While at the lake, Sanjay loses his bathing suit.
Doom baby.png
Doom Baby October 5, 2013 SJC110b
Sanjay and Craig babysit Baby Richard Dickson, who then wanders into Mr. Noodman's house.
Family Re-Noodman.jpg
Family Re-Noodman October 19, 2013 SJC111a
In order to get wings at Mr. Noodman's family reunion, Sanjay and Craig disguise themselves as his relatives.
Black Out.jpg
Blackout October 19, 2013 SJC112a
During a blackout, everyone in town wants to use Sanjay's electric generator intended for his mom.
Fart Baby November 2, 2013 SJC106a
Sanjay has a fart inside of his stomach and tries to raise it as a "baby."
Kung-Fu Catapult November 2, 2013 SJC102b
Sanjay and Craig attempt to rid Tufflips' trailer of ghosts to obtain a catapult.
Road Pizza.jpg
Road Pizza November 16, 2013 SJC106b
Craig gets possessed by a pizza demon.
Trouble Dare.jpg
Trouble Dare November 16, 2013 SJC112b
After accidentally infesting the house with ants, Sanjay and his family stay at a trailer. They later find themselves at a game show.
Tumblr mxm8e0Nb1s1rco8vdo1 400.gif
You're in Trouble December 7, 2013 SJC113a
While attending camp, Sanjay and Craig won't drink anything to prevent wetting the bed.
Cup O' Universe.jpg
Cup O'Universe December 7, 2013 SJC115b
Sanjay, Craig, Megan, and Hector discover a universe inside a cup.
Booger Johnson February 22, 2014 SJC113b
Sanjay takes care of Megan's pet gerbil, but Craig has a huge appetite towards him.
Dream Rangers February 22, 2014 SJC116a
Sanjay and Craig go inside a dream to save Belle Pepper.
Prickerbeast March 1, 2014 SJC114a
The kids seek revenge upon learning that the legend of the Prickerbeast was a lie.
Day of the Snake.jpg
Day of the Snake March 1, 2014 SJC116b
Craig shows Sanjay what he does while Sanjay is in school.
Kerplunk'd March 8, 2014 SJC117b
Sanjay and Craig found themselves in a prank war.
Old Farts.jpg
Old Farts March 8, 2014 SJC115a
After learning that seniors get free wings at the Frycade, Sanjay and Craig disguise themselves as seniors.
Flip Flopas.jpg
Flip Flopas March 15, 2014 SJC114b
Hector shares Flip Flopas, a candy that makes bad things taste good and good things taste bad, with the gang.
Chill Bill.jpg
Chill Bill March 15, 2014 SJC118a
At the junkyard, Sanjay and Craig discover an underground convenience store inhabited by a bass player known as Chill Bill. Then Craig spends more time with Chill Bill, which puts a strain on his friendship with Sanjay.
Curb Dawgz.jpg
Curb Dawgz March 22, 2014 SJC117a
Sanjay, Craig, and Hector form a skateboarding crew.
Susan Loogie.jpg
Susan Loogie March 22, 2014 SJC118b
Megan disguises herself as a tomboy, "Susan Loogie," to enter a dance competition with Sanjay.
A Tail of Two Slithers.jpg
A Tail of Two Slithers May 16, 2014 SJC120
Craig's long lost brother uses devious methods to try to turn Sanjay and Craig against each other.
Boatin' Down The River.jpg
Boatin' Down the River July 12, 2014 SJC201a
The kids build a homemade raft to rescue mysterious castaways.
Pretty in Punk July 12, 2014 SJC119a
The Dicksons become a pop band, and it's Sanjay and Craig's fault.

Note: This episode aired in Greece on June 8, 2014.

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