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Sanjay and Craig, Season 2
Series: Sanjay and Craig
Original run: July 19, 2014 - October 9, 2015
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  Forest City Rockers and Nickelodeon Animation Studio
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On September 12, 2013, Sanjay and Craig was renewed for a second season by Nickelodeon and began airing July 19, 2014. It marks the first season to introduce all-new Craig photos in the Hall of Fame in the opening of every new episode.

Cast and crew

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Season overview

Number of episodes Season premiere Season finale DVD releases
20 (39 segments) July 19, 2014 October 9, 2015 TBA


# Title card Title Airdate Prod. no.
Hot Sauce Boss.jpg
Hot Sauce Boss July 19, 2014 SJC119b
Chicken Chuck is revealed to put his own sauce in the Frycade's Chicken Wings, so he is kicked out but he starts a new wings restaurant.

Note: This episode aired in Greece on June 8, 2014.

Ghost Pool.jpg
Ghost Pool July 19, 2014 SJC203a
The kids go on a quest to find a legendary pool in the forest.
Shirts Off.jpg
Shirts Off July 26, 2014 SJC201b
Sanjay and Craig realize they can experience total freedom without shirts.
Middle Shame.jpg
Middle Shame July 26, 2014 SJC202b
Craig helps Sanjay to reveal his goofy middle name.
Dolled Up.jpg
Dolled Up August 2, 2014 SJC202a
Sanjay goes to great lengths to conceal that he and Craig were using Darlene's makeup kit.
Space Race.jpg
Space Race August 2, 2014 SJC203b
Sanjay takes credit for Craig's invention.
4a Barfytitle.jpg Barfy's Babies September 20, 2014 SJC204a
Sanjay and Craig discover that Barfy has kids.
4b Buttsupcard.jpg Butts Up September 20, 2014 SJC204b
What starts as Sanjay & Craig playing a schoolyard game turns into a mythic adventure involving a girl in trouble and a villain called the Butt Master.
5a Screamday.jpg Screamday September 27, 2014 SJC206b
When Craig is unable to speak, Sanjay and Megan must travel inside him to find his voice.
5b Entersandman.jpg Enter Sandman September 27, 2014 SJC206a
Sanjay and Craig are invited to a sleepover at the Dicksons' house.
6a AlienCraig.jpg Alien Craig October 4, 2014 SJC207b
When Sanjay forgets to take out the garbage, a trip to the dump becomes a journey of galactic proportions.
6b Googas.jpg Googas October 4, 2014 SJC207a
The pals are desperate to get the most popular toy in town, but their attempts are thwarted.
7a Glad to be Sad.jpg Glad To Be Sad October 11, 2014 SJC208b
Sanjay and Craig hear a sad song that makes them feel better.
7b Glory Hounds.jpg Glory Hounds October 11, 2014 SJC208a
Megan is kicked out of a club.
8 TuffLips Talef of Terror.jpeg Tufflips' Tales of Terror October 18, 2014 SJC205
Remington Tufflips hosts this 30-minute Halloween special.
9a TuffCon.jpg TuffCon November 1, 2014 SJC209a
Sanjay meets his favorite movie villain, but finds the actor to be devious in reality.
9b Pet Parents.jpg Pet Parents November 1, 2014 SJC209b
Sanjay and Craig find a way to hypnotize Darlene and Vijay.
10a Cuddle Bunny.jpg Cuddle Buddy November 15, 2014 SJC210b
Craig longs to be cuddled after seeing the other neighborhood pets receiving affection.
10b 2 tuff 2 watch.jpg 2 Tuff 2 Watch November 15, 2014 SJC210a
The children have a Tufflips movie marathon, but struggle to stay awake.
11a Ting.jpg Ting November 22, 2014 SJC211a
The children try to imagine the purpose of a mysterious object.
11b Fartwerk.jpg Fartwerk November 22, 2014 SJC211b
A symphony of farts.
12a Fowl Work.jpg Fowl Work April 5, 2015 SJC214b
Sanjay and Craig discover Belle's secret life when they get an opportunity to work at the Frycade.
Rash Thrash.jpg
Rash Thrash April 5, 2015 SJC212a
Sanjay develops an allergy to Craig.
Wild Buds.jpg
Wild Buds April 12, 2015 SJC213a
Sanjay and Craig make a bet about who can survive in the wild longer.
Depants Tag.jpg
Depants Tag April 12, 2015 SJC213b
A competitive game of de-pantsing sweeps the town.
Chewhuahuas April 19, 2015 SJC216a
The children are trapped on top of a garbage dumpster and surrounded by a pack of Chihuahuas.
Space Invaders.jpg
Space Invaders April 19, 2015 SJC216b
Sanjay and Craig decide that something has to be done about Hector's close-talking tendencies.
Dangerous Debbie.jpg
Dangerous Debbie April 26, 2015 SJC218a
A love-smitten Craig kidnaps an electric eel from the tank of a sushi restaurant.
D.I.N.K (episode) April 26, 2015 SJC218b
Sanjay and Craig are suspicious of Vijay's new high-tech car.
Romper Chomper.jpg
Romper Chomper May 10, 2015 SJC215a
Everyone searches for Megan's two front teeth after she loses them while doing a bike stunt.
Conquistador (episode) May 10, 2015 SJC215b
Sanjay and Craig are given a conquistador statue that seems to have a mind of its own.
Street Dogg.jpg
Street Dogg (episode) May 17, 2015 SJC217
When rapper Street Dogg moves to Lundgren, Sanjay and Craig are shocked to learn about his past with Remington Tufflips; Sanjay and Craig try to reunite former rap duo Street Dogg and Tufflips.
King of Kids July 18, 2015 SJC212b
A group of young children idolize Sanjay and Craig.
Ew De Hector July 18, 2015 SJC214a
Hector bottles his divine-smelling perspiration and sells it as cologne.
Snake parts unknown.jpg
Snake Parts Unknown July 25, 2015 SJC220a
Sanjay and Craig take Anthony Gourmand on a Lundgren eating adventure.
Flabyrinth July 25, 2015 SJC220b
The boys win a tour.
Serpentco October 2, 2015 SJC219a
The boys go undercover with Tufflips to investigate a crime ring that is pirating movies.
Chrome Dome October 9, 2015 SJC219b
Sanjay and Craig go on a quest to find the top of a lawyer's head on a billboard advertisement.