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"Snake Parts Unknown"
Season 2, episode 36
Snake parts unknown
Production code: SJC220a
Airdate: July 25, 2015
Story: TBA
Written &
storyboarded by:
Aminder Dhaliwal
"Ew De Hector"

"Snake Parts Unknown" is a Season 2 episode of Sanjay and Craig guest starring famous real-life chef Anthony Bourdain. It premiered July 25, 2015. Bourdain portrays a fictionalized version of himself, Anthony Gourmand.


Sanjay and Craig is excited to find Anthony Gourmand in Lundgren and together they go around town in search of the "ultimate" food. That is, until Gourmand eyes Craig as the ultimate food.


as Sanjay and Craig are at the Frycade, They meet famous chef Anthony Gourmand, they drag him around Lundgren on quest for the ULTIMATE FOOD! then he finds out that Craig Slithers is a snake, and almost eats him, in the end, He ends up eating himself



  • Anthony: I am the ultimate food.
  • Cameraman: Should we stop him?
  • Producer: No! Don't! The show's finally over! We're free!
  • Craig: Hah, what a crazy season finale. And in the end Anthony got what he wanted, which apparently was not to be alive anymore.
  • Sanjay: But what if he was alive? ... Well wherever Anthony is I hope he's happy. If he is alive I'll bet he's having the ultimate foodventure.


  • The previous title for the episode was "Ultimate Foodventurer".
  • The current title of "Snake Parts Unknown" is a play on the real-life Anthony Bourdain's CNN series Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.
  • Gourmand is the latest person other than Sanjay's parents and Megan and Hector to find out that Craig's a snake through his normal disguise.



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