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Street Dogg .jpg
Name Unknown
Gender Male
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Rap Singer
Introduced in Street Dogg

Street Dogg is a character that appeared in the episode of the same name and he is a rapper that came to Lundgren to relax from his old town. He was in a rap duo with hiself and Tuff Tuff (Tufflips) and it happened a confusion in his last concert with Tuff Tuff. He wanted to wave the audience at other way that Tuff Tuff wanted. They break up their duo. So our friends Sanjay,Craig,Hector and Megan tried to make them remake their duo band but that didn't go well. Tufflips gone berserk after seing Street Dogg. They said that they will Rap Battle, but our friends breaked the Rap battle and made them friends like old. How? Sanjay and Craig made a friendship rap song with Megan and Hector and Street and Tuff remaked their band.


  • It was claimed, at the end of the episode, that Street Dogg is, basically, a hologramme.

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