Sudden Death Wings
Name Sudden Death Wings
Origin The Frycade
Type Food
Introduced in Maximum Dennis
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Sudden Death Wings are a type of food that are sold in the Frycade. They are first seen in the episode Maximum Dennis.

After losing to Tyson in the first challenge, (Volcanic Wings), Sanjay and Craig disguise themselves as Maximum Dennis, and challenge him to another wing eating contest, this time with Sudden Death Wings. They are supposedly so hot that people have died after eating them, hence the name. While preparing the wings, Penny Pepper is seen on the phone ordering two coffins. While they lost the first challenge because the wings were too hot for Sanjay to eat, Craig (as the head of "Max D.")  scarfs them down with no problem.


  • They are EXTREMELY HOT, as shown from the name.
  • You could die from these wings.
  • It's unknown if Penny Pepper was ordering two coffins because that's what you make them in, or if they were for Maximum D and his opponent.