The Dicksons
From the left: Scabs, Baby Richard and Sandy
Name The Dicksons
Species Human
Occupation Band
Introduced in Brett Venom MD (in opening theme song)
Laugh Quake (officially)
Voiced by Grey DeLisle
Nolan North
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The Dicksons are main characters on Sanjay and Craig. They are a group of members from a punk band, Tuff Skulls and the children of Mrs. Dickson. The members of the band are Sandy, Scabs and Baby Richard. Sandy and Scabs are voiced by Grey DeLisle, and Baby Richard is voiced by Nolan North.

Outside of Remington Tufflips, they’re the coolest people in Sanjay’s world. Sandy is the lead singer of their band. She rides a motorcycle with a sidecar for her monosyllabic fraternal twin Scabs, which has an additional sidecar for Baby Richard. Although Sandy and Scabs look like bullies, they’re mostly indifferent to Sanjay and Craig’s adoration and would never intentionally harm them.

Not very much so with Baby Richard. This diaper-wearing dirtbag is an unpredictable anarchist whose warped brain has earned him the nickname, The Doom Baby.



  • Their eyes were only seen once when they revealed their face to Sanjay and Craig when they were approaching their mother's armpits.
  • Under their bangs, they have lots of acne.
  • Baby Richard is the youngest sibling of the Dicksons.

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