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Tyson vector drawing by loana lalonde-d7hntmm.png
Name Tyson
Age 16-18
Species Human
Introduced in Maximum Dennis
Latest appearance Street Dogg
Voiced by David Hornsby

Tyson is a very rude and sarcastic young man. Also, he's Sanjay and Craig's nemesis. So far he only appeared in the episodes "Maximum Dennis", "Laked Nake", "Alien Craig", and making two brief cameos in "Street Dogg". He speaks in a English accent a bit because he is from England. He carries a scooter in his pants. Tyson has beaten Sanjay in Tufflips Thumbs Up Karate and The Eat Off with the Volcanic Wings. Later, Sanjay and Craig disguised themselves as Maximum Dennis to beat him in a rematch of Tufflips and the Eat Off (this time with Sudden Death Wings); when they won, Craig jeered at Tyson as he left, as his face appeared as the hot pepper crashes into his mouth.

In "Laked Nake", he tries to impress Belle by making a sand sculpture of the English queen. This doesn't work out, however, and Sanjay is able to impress Belle with his "blobing skills" but loses his swimming trunks in the process. Tyson finds them washed up at shore, and then drains the lake. But then, Craig saved Sanjay by dressing up as the queen and tricking Tyson into surrendering his swimsuit.



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