Vijay Patel
Name Vijay Patel
Gender Male
Gender Male
Age 43
Species Human
Relatives Darlene Patel (wife)
Sanjay Patel (son)
Craig Slithers (adoptive son)
Darlene's mother (mother-in-law)
Unnamed grandmother or grandmother-in-law
Ronnie Slithers (distant son)
Introduced in Brett Venom MD
Voiced by Kunal Nayyar
HE "It's Fine"
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Vijay Patel is Sanjay's father, Darlene’s husband and Craig’s adoptive father. He made his first appearance in the first episode: "Brett Venom M.D.", Vijay Patel later appeared in "Heightmare" and then in "Partybot". Vijay is seen in "Brett Venom M.D." sitting at the table eating a cereal that had an elephant on it. This shows that Vijay Patel and his family (except Darlene, Sanjay and Craig) are originally from India.


Sanjay’s dad is a main character who owns The Close-Out Blow-Out Depot. Although no one ever buys Vijay’s inventions, he never gets down. Sanjay and Vijay have a great father-son relationship. They share very similar interests, they have similar personalities and they’re both big dreamers.


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  • Vijay owns a clearance store in the neighborhood.
  • In "Partybot", there is a flashback showing he was an unpopular student.
  • He helped defeat Partybot, a robot he created.

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