Season 1, episode 8
Production code: SJC105a
Airdate: June 22, 2013
Director: Aya Fukuda
Written &
storyboarded by:
Ryan Crego, Tom King, Will McRobb, & M.J. Sandhe
"Traffical Island"
HE "It's Fine"
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 "Wolfie" is the eighth episode in the first season of Sanjay and Craig, as well as being the eighth episode overall. 


Hector’s sudden fascination with wolves gets on Sanjay and Craig’s nerves.


It starts when Sanjay and Craig are at the museum with his friends. Hector decides to do nasty things, like putting ice inside his pants, putting alot of gum in his ears, when something catches his eye. He sees the wolf exhibit, when, out of nowhere, Remington Tufflips appears. Hector decides to devote his entire life to wolves in every way.

Meanwhile, Sanjay wakes up and sees Hector. He then screams and falls down. Hector ends up bothering Sanjay and Craig with wolf facts such as "A hungry wolf can hear your heartbeat from six miles away," etc.

Eventually, Craig swallows him, only to release him back later. When the two wake up, Hector disappears. Then, Sanjay uses Craig as a periscope, which shows nothing at first, but soon Hector appears, acting like a wolf. The dudes then go to The Dicksons, where Hector makes their car crash into a tree.

At night, Sanjay and Craig come looking for Hector, believing that they had made a big mistake when they told him to leave. They then find poop and bones, and then jump to the conclusion that their friend has been eaten by another predator. Then, suddenly, Hector reappears, as Remington Tufflips does to explain that he did not eat Hector. He then claimed that the bones came from his wings, and that the poop was Hector's.




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Cultural References

  • When Sanjay says that there is no wolf pack they a referencing the film 'Hangover Part II' when Phil gets mad to Alan and says there is no wolf pack.
  • When Sanjay holds up Sword Craig, it resembles Link from "Legend of Zelda".